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Send us an e-mail with Your questions/requierments and we will answer You accordingly re. freight-costs and a more exact delivery-time.








November 2017


We're happy to announce that requests and orders are increasing above expectations.


2017 will be our best year so far.










All sales will be handled thru our adress. Just send us an e-mail with Your questions/requirements and we will answer You accordingly with freight-costs and a more exact delivery-time.




We lower our prices--- to be able to offer You a considerably reduced price (30-40%) we have decided to only sell our products through our homepage.



June- 2016

We're pleased to announce that we have agreed with Sjölinders AB to answer for production from now on .

Sjölinders has for many years been in close collaboration with interior and furniture designers, small and medium enterprises .


We would like to warmly thank "Martin Snickare" AB , whose help and expertise has been invaluable in connection with the development of our concept " På G ". We have reason to return for the next product idea.






March-2016 We are now down to regular delivery-times a.e. 4 weeks from order

Jan-2016 Delivery times

is currently in 8-12 weeks due to strong demand from Germany in particular, see below.

Dec-2015 the beginning of the month receiving orders and inquiries from Germany .......

The reason:

One feature in the interior design magazine "Schöner Wohnen"

Aug-2015, Cont. Bathroom - hallway- pocket - shelf

Our carpenter has been extremely busy in the summer and the first edition was delayed. Has now received samples of lacquered yellow and brick - delicious, we think. The other colors (see tab , mini shelf) comes in a few weeks. The attachement pads work just fine, I had to make a strong effort when I would take away the shelves from the tiled wall after the test.

May-2015, Cont. Bathroom - hallway- pocket - shelf

New dimensions adjusted prototypes ready, and based on these,ordered a first edition of birch, oak and painted in slightly different pastel colors. Delivery expected in early June-15. Tests with adhesive pads for tiled bathroom / toilet ready and works fine.

April-2015, Bathroom - hallway- pocket - shelf

In the days mid april-15 received first prototypes on the shelf MINI with the


The same shape of course but Width: 285mm, Height: 215mm and depth: 120mm

Attachment is designed with adhesive pads - Currently testing the strength to withstand the weight shelf with load.

Will also be available with keyhole attachement.

The shelf is very pretty and works well in eg hallway for wallet, phone, keys or wherever you might need a small-sized shelf.....

Pictures coming soon.

Jan-2015, success at the "Formex" fair in Älvsjö/Stockholm 14-17 January 2015 Formex-fair

The positive comments during the fair, I have now taken with

me home to the think tank.

Here a small selection:

"Great design" "How clever!"

"So 'handsome"

(glass designer) "Genial"


"So simple"


"Nice and simple in form," Kraak design (Norway, storage furniture)

Is it available in plastic too??


"They were really nice" (Furnishing store Åre/Sweden)


The booth was built with the kind assistance of:

Martin Snickare AB


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