The history

Searching for the right bedside table led to a shelf concept!


After having finished building our new house, including a new long-awaited bedroom for ourselves, we tried to find the optimal bedside table but where not happy with what we found.

Since there was little excess material in birch (from the manufacture of window sills) we made a prototype, and then a cabinetmaker had it refined.

The final result exceeded our expectations and we now have, both for self-evaluation in a few years, friends and acquaintances of positive comments, decided to test the market for our lovely and practical bedside table.

The shelf is the first product in an interior design concept with the name "På G" and has turned into a "shelf concept" which today includes a hallway shelf, see tab.

And that's the way it goes, today at the end of May 2015, we have a prototype ready for the "Mini shelf", see separate tab, and it's

not impossible that there will be more variants/types ........






Without in younger years reflected upon it, I have always had a sense for color and form which actually first found expression in the beginning of the 80s when I designed the interior of a chain store in Stockholm that I was involved in starting.


During periods of my life I have been involved when applied to design patterns for example floors, walls and furnishings of various workplaces.


In recent years, 2008-2013, myself and my life companion, Gunilla, have devoted much of our time to design (interior) and decorate our new house just outside Stockholm / Sweden.


Some pictures at the bottom of the page

Start-up business partner


Start-up business partner was Martin Carpenter AB, who was co-developing the first prototypes of the bedside table and lthen produced the first batch.


Martin got his journeyman's certificate in 2012 and he has since then had some prestige projects, including the Swedish Music Hall of Fame / ABBA museum.

Martin was also responsible for our extensive kitchen-remodeling during the spring 2012.



Some pictures from our new house

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